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Who is Tim L. Smith?  

Political Philosophy:

I strongly believe in America's founding philosophy, which gave birth to the fundamental principles that construct the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the State Constitutions. Our Constitution must be enforced FIRST! These documents exist to define and limit American government, to secure individual liberty, property ownership and a voluntarist based economy. I am running for Sheriff as a Republican because I believe running as a Republican comes closest to the spirit of what America's founding philosophy is.

Law Enforcement Experience:

I am a former law enforcement officer with the Lee County Sheriff's Office. My interest in law enforcement began when I was a student at UNC at Chapel Hill in the 90s. I did “ride-a-longs” with UNC campus police during the weekend shifts. In 2003 I was hired by Lee County Sheriff Billy Bryant. Later, current Sheriff Tracy Carter rehired me when he was first elected. In October of 2017, I left the Sheriff’s office on my own accord, to pursue a few business opportunities and passions. I am very proud to have worked under two good Sheriffs. Both have personally inspired me.

During the course of my employment with the Lee County Sheriff’s office, I served as a bailiff, a patrol deputy, a field-training officer, a patrol supervisor, and I have taught defensive tactics. I have served the citizens of Lee County in a part-time, full-time and lastly in a reserve capacity. I presently work for UPS. But, my heart has always been with the Sheriff's office, and law enforcement as a whole. I strongly believe that when the Oath is taken seriously, law enforcement becomes our first line of defense against unconstitutional laws. 

I graduated from UNC at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy. I did my study abroad in Israel, via Hebrew University at Jerusalem, in Near Eastern Archaeology. I also hold a Master’s Degree from Warnborough College in Philosophy, specializing in Political Theory and Ethics. I am a former Social Studies teacher and a former substitute teacher. 

I am an academic by passion. I have written and published many academic papers and several books. In 2014, I wrote and published a book on the Political Philosophy of Law Enforcement (352 pages), specifically related to America's founding ideology (classical liberalism) and how special interests have hurt our Constitutional Republic and have exploited our law enforcement.

My book titled COPS vs. The Constitution can be checked out at the CCCC Library and is there for students in the Criminal Justice program. The foreword is written by Sheriff Tracy L. Carter. The book is also available online and in select bookstores. 

Private Life:

I am a runner. I enjoy routinely working out at the gym. I am a martial artist and hold dan ranks in Shotokan and Aikido, and a gokyu rank in Chun-Li, Kung Fu. I am a certified Aikido instructor with the Aikikai Foundation in Japan. I have trained both military and law enforcement personnel in close quarter combative techniques. I am the former owner of Jishukan Aikido Dojo in Sanford, NC. I have also taught women’s self-defense classes at my own dojo, at CCCC and at UNC.

I am married to Mirna Perez Smith. Mi esposa es Latina. Mirna is a Spanish Teacher at Lee County High School, she is also the chair of that department. She has worked at Lee County High School since 1999. Mirna is a graduate from Fayetteville State University and is a National Boards Certified teacher.


Mirna and I have been married for nearly 27 years. We have two amazing, adult daughters. Our oldest daughter, Jasmine, continues to develop as a special needs adult. Our youngest daughter, Avah, graduated from Appalachian State University, Magna Cum Loude. Avah works at Pfizer and is presently working on her Masters Degree in Pharmacology.

Mirna and I live in Lee County, in the house that we built in 2007. I have lived in Lee County for most of my life. We love to travel. We have traveled and spent time in Costa Rica, France, Spain, Italy, Greece and many States around America. I truly hold to what Mark Twain says, that, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

I am a wine connoisseur. I love to cook. I love to read and study philosophy, history, and law, especially constitutional law. I love to write, do investigative research, and I love to build stuff. I am a people person, and I love social gatherings with great friends over great food.  

 Constitution 1st!  Government 2nd!

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