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Hello. My name is Tim L. Smith and I am running for Lee County Sheriff. Thank you for taking the time to stop by this website. Our current Sheriff Tracy Carter, who is also a friend, has chosen not to seek a 5th term. A temporary Sheriff, my opponent, has been appointed to serve out the rest of Carter's term until the election. This is a common, political move, designed to sustain a current administration. I am excited, however, at the opportunity that is now open for those of us that love the profession. We have some really great human beings that are now up to the challenge to become Lee County's next Sheriff. 

I am not a politician. Nor do I want to be one. I simply want to take my experience at the Sheriff's Office, coupled with my love for, and my knowledge of, our Constitution, and protect our God given rights, to secure our American way of life, at the local level. I am a pro-constitution and pro-law enforcement, republican candidate. I have a really big challenge ahead of me, as I am campaigning as a grassroots candidate. I am not one of the "good ol' boys." Nor do I mingle within that network. I am my own man, and will remain so.

My primary objective as Sheriff is to protect the Rights and Property of Lee County residents from the criminal element and from criminal, predatory interests, first. I strongly believe enforcing our Constitution first will build stronger relationships between our law enforcement professionals and our local communities. I'm a proud American, who loves our country and county. My heart has always been and remains with the Lee County Sheriff's office.

The primary election for Lee County's Sheriff race will be on May 17, 2022. Any registered unaffiliated or republican voter may vote in the primary. Please vote. Let's put our Constitution 1st. 

I feel compelled to run for Sheriff because I believe strongly that a Sheriff's Office is our primary law enforcement apparatus, to secure the rights and property of the people, to safeguard public safety, and, is one of our most fundamental checks and balances against government overreach. Please take the time to read what I have to say by clicking on the menu items above (Issues, Tim?, the Sheriff's Job), and, maybe, if you agree, and if you also hold to our founding principles, as secured in our founding documents, elect me as your Sheriff. I believe that Lee County is open and ready for a big change at the Sheriff's Office, a fresh start, a new administration.

I have made this website personable and detail-oriented so that you are well informed of who I am and what my platform is as a candidate for Sheriff. I take the Oath to uphold and defend our Constitution very seriously. Sadly, too many in government hold no affinity to the Oath, but see it as a mere formality. When the Oath is taken seriously, the peoples' rights come first, and government interests come second. Period!

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT want to be Sheriff bad enough to make promises in order to secure this election. Neither will I engage in a negative campaign against other candidates. I will run this race with absolute integrity, out of genuine love and respect for the office of Sheriff, and for the people of Lee County.

Your Rights Come 1st. Government Comes 2nd.

Committee to Elect Tim L. Smith for Sheriff
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