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The race for Sheriff in Lee County has officially begun.

Right now, what matters most is the primary vote on May 17, 2022. The primary election will determine how the Lee County Sheriff's race will continue. I need your vote and your financial help to win the Primary!!

Any registered unaffiliated or republican voter can vote in the primary on May 17. Please vote.

As a former law enforcement officer, I took the Oath to uphold the Constitution and to enforce the laws of NC faithfully. If elected Sheriff, I would continue to take this Oath very seriously, by putting our Constitution first, as it should be. To understand what this actually means, please read A Sheriff's Job. Here, I am very specific about how to put the Constitution first. As a candidate for Sheriff, below are a few of the issues I sincerely want to deal with as your Sheriff:

Special Needs Adults in our Communities - I want to get at least one officer per shift specially trained to intercede when local law enforcement encounters an individual they suspect may be a special needs adult. 

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaults - too many victims have made it known that they do not feel as though their circumstances are taken seriously enough. I want to change this. 

4th Amendment Security - I will not look for loopholes in seeking to exercise search and seizure policy, whatsoever. The 4th Amendment secures your right to unreasonable searches and seizures. “Unreasonable” is defined as a search or seizure without a warrant or absent an emergency.

Courses in Constitutional Law for officers - Let's face it, basic law enforcement training (BLET) does not do enough when it comes to training our new officers in how to defend and uphold the Constitution, as its first line of defense, which every officer swears to do. I will change this.

Federal Government Overreach- I will limit the involvement of Federal Government interests in Lee County affairs, unless the purpose is Constitutionally legitimate.

There are other issues that you can read about in greater detail on For now, my immediate objective is to win the primary election on May 17, 2022. To win, I need your vote on May 17, and I need your financial help to further get my name out there. 

Up until now, I have been spending money out of my own pocket. Now I need to take it higher. My opponent was appointed as interim Sheriff, until the election. This is a common, political move to try and sustain a current administration. I have a really big challenge ahead of me, as I am campaigning as a grassroots candidate. I am not one of the "good ol' boys." Nor do I mingle within that network. I am my own man, and will remain so. I cannot get my name out there alone. I need your help. Your contribution will help me pay for any and all necessary methods and products to win the primary election. If you share in my Constitutional convictions, if you believe that our Constitution should be enforced first, and that government interests come 2nd, then please consider a contribution to help me become your next elected Sheriff. Below are several ways to contribute: 

You can mail a check or money order to, and payable to:

Committee to Elect Tim L. Smith for Sheriff

PO Box 4162, Sanford, NC 27331


You can also contribute via PayPal, using the email:

Together we can put the Constitution 1st in Lee County


Below is a link to everything one needs to know about campaign finance.

Thank you.

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Committee to Elect Tim L. Smith for Sheriff
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